2018 Kundiman Forever Recurring Donor Campaign


Boundless gratitude to the following 35 donors, who have helped us reach 96% of our $27,000 Kundiman Forever recurring donor goal!

Jaylee Alde • Jason Bayani • Cathy Linh Che • Chen Chen • Jennifer Crystal Fang-Chien • Catherine Flora Con • Oliver de la Paz • Melody Gee • William Nu'utupu Giles • Kathryn Hargett • Nicholas Hiebert • Alex Howerton • Justin Joseph • Kien Lam • Dan Lau • le thi diem thuy • Joey Lee • Giles Li • Lillian Li • Wing Tek Lum •  Rajiv Mohabir • Ansley Moon • Sabina Murray • Tiana Nobile • Laura Priscilla Paule • Craig Santos Perez • Michelle Naka Pierce • Jackie Quan • Margaret Rhee • Matthew Salesses • Nay Saysourinho • Prageeta Sharma • Sun Yung Shin • Leah Silvieus • R.A. Villanueva • Monica Youn

We would also like to recognize our recurring donors who have been supporting us over the past year. Much love to you for your ongoing, sustainable gifts to Kundiman!

recurring donors final.png

We have had such an exciting year so far, from hosting our 15th Summer Retreat to running our very first Youth Leadership Intensive. Kundiman has expanded its vision from not only fostering generations of writers and readers, but also preparing future leaders within the Asian American community.

We want to continue empowering our community with programs that nourish and educate future leaders of Asian America, but we need your support!

Time and time again, we’ve been privileged to witness the power of intergenerational support. At the retreat, our cornerstone program centers mentorship as an integral practice for a robust arts experience that nurtures success. During the Youth Leadership Intensive, we were able to see firsthand how literature can be used as a tool for visibility, representation, and social justice.

If you choose to support Kundiman during our Kundiman Forever campaign, your donations will go towards sustaining this community, as well as running new programs for youth and adults, coordinating Kundiman’s nationwide reading series, and planning a festival centering writers of color.

Help Kundiman continue to improve our programs, and join us in making Kundiman Forever! To join our campaign as a recurring donor or to make a one-time contribution, please click here.

As always, we're grateful to all of our donors, and you can see their names recognized here.