“In times of great exhaustion, rage, and mourning, isolation can truly break the body, the spirit. The Poetry Coalition project reminds us that we are joined with beloved community everywhere. It allows us to share our love, power, and healing collectively in art.”
Michelle Lin
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During the month of March, we dedicated a project to social impact programming in partnership with the Poetry Coalition. We wrote and sent postcards focused on the Poetry Coalition's chosen theme, "Where My Dreaming and Loving Live: Poetry & the Body." Postcards were collected and posted on our Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr using the hashtages #Kundimail, #MyDreamingMyLoving, and #PoetryCoalition.

The phrase “Where My Dreaming and My Loving Live” is an excerpt from U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith’s poem “Flores Woman” from her collection Duende, which won the James Laughlin Award in 2006.

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Poetry & the Body: A Self-Care Workshop

As part of our month-long project, Cathy Linh Che led a workshop on poetry, the body, and self-care. During the workshop, we considered how to address all that which haunts us, meditated on our relationships with our loved ones, and practiced stretching and yoga.


“An interesting thing I discovered about myself is how much it helps to know you will be heard. With a postcard, there is a guaranteed recipient, so at least once person will glance over your work. Even when I am published in literary magazines or journals, there’s always still the feeling like you’re writing into a vortex.”
Elaine Wang